Monday, August 23, 2010

All A-Buzz About….

I was recently asked to assist with an upcoming baby shower for a family member.  It seems I have become the go-to for such events and I gladly accept the invitation!  I love helping find and implement those little details that make all the difference- for the one in which the special event is being given and for those who attend! (Although this blog post does not exactly address interiors design issues, it does reflect the importance of creative flair and pulling all the pieces together to make a complimentary ending!)

Vintage Bee Image Why not a bee theme, I thought? All parties, no matter the type, must have a theme- or at least in my world they do!  Just take a look at my business logo…I love the look of the bee and thought with a few creative touches, it could make a baby shower endearing, special and elegant.  So, the search and thinking began.

In my hunt for baby shower-related items, and to my delight, I found all types of bee paraphernalia. I wanted to share a couple of my favorite things, most of which have nothing to do with the shower, but have been added to my “Most Wanted” List…bee yourself bracelet-molly helsley designs



Bee Yourself “ Bracelet by Molly Helsey Designs (


Bee T-shirt evolution now


Bee T-shirt by Evolution  (




Beehive Locket by Contrary(

Bee Hive Locket Necklace-contrary 




Wedding Shower Favor Tags by luvs2create2  (

wedding favor tags-luvs2create2

 I loved the novelty of each of these items.  As shown, these can be found at a site in which all the items are hand made!  Love it!

Okay, back to the task at hand- the shower!!  The invitation, of course, sets the stage.  So it is a very important choice.  I found this one on and thought it was perfect.bee shower invitation 

Now to the party favors, serving items, guest prizes,etc.  bee beverage server Love this piece for serving the beverage of choice and also the beehive and bee salt and pepper shakers, just to add that touch of whimsy.

I love to provide games to play at a shower, as they often serve as ice breakers for attendees who may not know one another.  Thus, gifts are needed for the game winners- I thought these items would be great….luscious later bee and buttermilk soap bee sink strainer

The beautiful soaps are made by and the sink strainer can be found at  I plan to wrap them in cellophane with a pretty ribbon and special tag.

Party favors, which I like to think of as parting gifts, have grown in popularity and serve as a thank you for attendance.bee hive candles I plan to give these wonderful little beehive votives from Bee Hive Candles to guests.  I will also wrap these in cellophane with tags that say “As Cute As Can BEE!”


Finally, it is always helpful for the mommy-to-be (or bride) to get a little assistance with all the thank-you cards that will be sent post-shower.  Here’s a great way to at least do half the work for them.  Provide blank envelopes in a basket for shower attendees to self-address before leaving.  Mommy or Bride then write their thank you and pop the card into the already-addressed envelope and “woopty-doo” the work is through!  I loved these cards that, I again, found on  (Queen Bee Flourish Recycled Craft Paper Card Set-the cards 

So, now all I have to do is gather everything together and hope that this not so typical baby shower theme makes for an afternoon of fun and memory making.  On a side note, this shower is extra-special because the parents-to-be were told that they would probably never be able to have children.  As we say, the Lord works in mysterious ways and I am so glad he chose these two to be parents!  That’s what “All the Buzz” is about!!